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perhaps my windspeeds were wrong.however in very light wind days i sail in a large area of swan river so should be covering wind meter. a few days ago i planed nonstop for first 30 mins and half the time thereafter. when i checked windspeeds on it never once got above 12 knots although it was averaging 10/12. later on it dropped 8/10 this is when i was on/off plane.
i saw a proto 9.5m severne with large cutout clew 225cm that i liked. also severne enigma boom 210/260. no money though. this setup if i can hold it could be awesome in those real light days 5/10.
only recently got into this light wind stuff since bought vehichle to carry 3 boards.
even if wind is non planing i still have a sail.
i have 2 fins a wide 41 and a 52 both carbon, i only use 41 it feels faster when planing.
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