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wel I do not have actuall race experience since there was no wind last year. But I can give you some small info. The wind is full ofshore, the race course goes 800m out of the beach and is around 10km long. Each race is 4 times this total about 40km, maybe slightly more. There are normally not more than two races a day...the 2010 defi is planed to be one week long.

The minimum wind for racing is 20 knots, the maximum for amateurs is 40 knots on start...that would mean close to 50 knots at the end of the course.

The race is with rabbit start...a boat going 35knots is coming towards the beach and you start as soon as it passes your position. The start line as the whole course is 800m long/wide.

The fee is around 200 euro, where 50 isfor safety equipement (flare), after you give it back you get your money bach. Life jacket is not a must, but a camelback is...for normal people the race takes one hour, the camelback is because of safety during some unexpected might take some time till you get on the beach and to some source of sweet water to it is better to have a small camel back.

I can say it is a great expeirence and a lot of people with windsurf gear. So go for it.

PS: the water is flat only close to the beach as you go further downwind it gets pretty choppy.

Ciao Michal.
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