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Hi Roger,

My footstraps are in the middle position, center board always up, the board is a 2008 model, I'm using the Drake fin that came with the board. Boom in shoulder height, trapeze lines 28"

I have been playing around with the mast foot placement, and have been sailing with the mast foot forward of the center position for some time now.
I'm trying to sail with so much power as possible in my sail, and I feel that I have enough strength to handle the 7.2 sail.

My own guess is, that the first thing I need to work with is the mastfoot placement. Would a rear position be better for me?

When trying to get into a plane, my foot placement would be something like this: forward foot a little in front of the forward foot strap parallel to the center line of the board, back foot in front of the back straps in a 90 degree angle to the center line (foot on the center line).
Then when I feel the board is in a full plane, I first move the front foot in to the front strap, then the rear foot...

But the main problem is getting to the point where I get the board into a full plane, feels like I often tend to turn into the wind and then loosing speed and sail power.


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