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Need advice

Sailing spot is flat water.I am looking for a board for lightwind mainly 12-16 knots conditions.Would like tu use it 12 to 20 knots.

I already have board for stronger wind conditions.

Main purpose is without sacrifying comfort too much sailing top speed.

So means slalom board İsonic.

The questions are
1- what should be ideal volume for 12-16 kn conditions.I suppose IS 122 is right but not sure.

2-What would be the ideal sail type/size?
I have a 7,2 Hellcat.
Do not have to struggle with a slalom/race type sail like NP RC etc. too technical and uncomfortable at least for my level.

Is Hellcat ok or should I replace it with V8 7,5 m or V6 7,5

Do I need combine a IS with race sail or one of the above sails will also provide satisfiying speed performance.I want to get max speed on above 12-16 kn lightwind-flatwater conditions

thanks in advance
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