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Default sail size

i will give it a go, may be few weeks for 20+ knots.

sailed today on 7.7m/fanatic75 combo.

no whitecaps at all but web shows blowing 8/14 knots.

only one sailing apart from few beginners.

formula sailing dying off in perth just as i am getting into it.

planed around half the time, a bit of a battle getting back upwind.

yesterday blowing 15/18 had good racing 3km reaching on f2 64wide and 5.8

a bit slower than 2 big guys on ka 8.5m/sonic75.other 64sonic/7.8mpryde.

through lulls and upwind about even.initial planing no contest i easily better. topend speed peak was 27 knots, i would have been 26 or so.

bought smaller 32fin today replacing 36fin for hopefully more topend speed.

probably needed a bit more downhaul for topspeed.
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