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Hi again Arvad,
I pretty much agree with what Ken has suggested.
I do think moving the mast foot back to free your Rio M up is a good idea.
I weigh about the same as you do, and when I have planed on a 7.5 m2 rig,
I had the mast foot nearly at the back of the slot.
Ken's suggestion that you are "going for the straps too soon" is probably right on.
The turning upwind is due to you putting weight on your front foot (which is fairly well
outboard away from the f/a centerline of your board) when you go for the back footstrap.
Best way to eliminate this issue is to (as Ken suggests) get hooked in either before either footstrap, or after you get into the front footstrap, but before you go for the rear footstrap.
Being hooked in gives you a couple of advantages:
1/ You can take most of the weight off your feet and put it onto the rig which
drives the board much further forward at the mast foot.
2/ It improves your connection to the board so that you can put nearly all of your weight on the rear foot as you look to get your front foot into the front footstrap.
There's no "absolute" way that you "must" do this sequence.
Work on (as Ken suggests) your own method (what works for you) and is the most comfortable for you.
Getting your front foot in before the board is up to full speed should not be an issue if you carefully place your rear foot right over the f/a centerline of your board, and put virtually all your weight on that foot as you get hooked in and get your front foot into the footstrap. This allows you to steer the board (toes down goes downwind, heel down takes you more upwind) to prevent it from rounding up.
When you have your weight on the harness and rig, and your front foot in the strap, with virtually all your weight now being transferred from your rear foot and onto the rig, it becomes much easier to get your rear foot into the strap without putting any weight on your front foot which will cuase your Rio to "round up".
Hope this helps,

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