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Default quad vs twinzer vs evo-like

I've been far from wavesailing in the last seasons because I've pushed as much as possible my racing soul.
I've held on with my 73l/56 evo-like board which I use mainly with the 4,7 (the most used sail over here when waves come alive).
I have to say I'm satisfied of the board,expecially because it allows for something like waveriding even in gusty wind close to the shore.That extra area in the tail is very usefull when needed.I'm a racer so I haven't problem with overpower but in that condition that kind of board isn't the best for smooth turning.
Last season I started to think at new twinzers (which I loved far in 1998) but had no chance to test any new version so kept calm and held on.
Today a friend of mine borrowed me his rrd twinzer 90 which I enjoyed with my 5,4 in 16k and 1m waves.
Oh it was cool having all the power in mushy waves I needed to keep fast turning without loosing speed.I was able to oversteer at demand BUT I've noticed (probably because lack of experience with the board) that if I wanted engage the rail longer it bounced a bit and I was out of the move.
Plus when gusty improved I felt the board a bit big (unless never out of control).
Heading out upwind was a bit weird but after some time I get used to.
Anyway I enjoyed the board.

What I know so ar is:

- evo-like boards can be smaller than usual for given condition and prefere charging a medium sail size for the condition.

- the twinzer can be bigger than usual and prefere tight turn.

what's the main Quad character?
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