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Originally Posted by Ola_H View Post
I don't think it will help. The reason to do it would be if you both have the control problem you mention and at the same time have problems going upwind. If upwind is OK, a better solution woud simply be a smaller fin, I reckon. Try to get a hold of a Drake Natural 20. It's a small and very soft fin that softens up the ride quite a lot compared tot the original 22 and also compared to many other wave fins.
Upwind is fine, no problem. I generally use a Wardog High Wind 22 for 4.2-5.3 and switch to the Drake 22 with the 3.7. The drake is much softer and helps, but you are right trying a Drake 20 might be a good idea, also considering that we see maybe 5-7 days of 3.7 each year ... (one of which today, that I am missing due to a stupid out of the blue muscle spasm in my back!!!!)

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