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Default QUAD 66 or 71 ??


My weight is 68kg.
Each year since 10 years, i am used to change my board and i always buy boards with volume between 65l and 73l (maximum)
I only have 3 sails:3.7/4.2 and 4.7.

It is not easy in France to find a shop having the 66 and the 71l available.
I can say that i have not yet succeeded to see one of those twoo boards.

So, i have some questions and after i would like to get your feedback in order to choose my next board in the coming days.

1)i have read that the QUAD 71 has exactly the same shape than the EVO 70l of last year.
Is it true? -> if yes, why there is that difference of 1l?

2)i have tested on last june at Moulay the evo 70l (i do not know if it was a evo from 2009 or 2008) with 4.7m and 20 knots but the 66l was not available.

So, what do i have to choose: 66 or 71?? and why??

Thanks for your feedback,Pier
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