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Yes, both 66 and 71 have the same shapes as the EVOs from 09. In test that worked better then the other protos that were developed.

I think that you have switched between 65 and 73 tells th story that you are sort of in between those sizes. With the sails you use and at your weight, I would say the 66 seem like the best shape. But I would say it rides bigger than a typical 66 liter board. It's actually rather narrow. But it still planes early and goes upwind well even when underpowered. But for me (at 72 kilos) the "downside" of the 66 is that it like you to keep a bit of speed on the wave. With the smaller size and less width, you can not in the same way start from almost standing still on the wave and then burst into one big move, at least not of you're not really powered up and it is a good powerful waves. The 71 is looser and has better power in such situations.

So if you sail a lot of underpowerd wave sailing in muchy waves, the 71 might still be worth thinking about. But if you are normally powered up and ride with some speed, the 66 will surely be the best fit overall.

For both boards there is now set of 13cm front fins. Those will definitely help you tune the boards for really high wind and for when you want a slightly "softer" feel on the wave.
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