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thanks both I do appreciate.

won't buy the MFC then but rather something more powerful, vertical, with less rake. I did like the drake crossover, Ola, but I alrea have a 27 natural wave too for my lightwind, onshore wave/B&J sessions. the 30cm Drake freeride I am keeping with me though it's been repaired (followed you guy's instructions). so perhaps I should look for a fin that's more on the upper end of the range, that would allow my 83 kilos to try a bast in light winds with a large sail without drifting too much downwind. can I go up to 32/34 or do I risk destroying my finbox?

also, do you guys have a nice large sail to suggest me for this board? it's my biggest board and I need a sail that's powerful but manoeuvrable for such a a small volume board. it'll be my biggest sail next to my (much loved) 5.9 Severne S-1. I am replacing my current North Duke 6.4 and am more oriented for a slightly bigger volume. thought Ezzy SE or Wave panther 6.9 could work since it has a shorter boom that most sails in the same size. any hints
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