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I dont need to cool off and I`m not interested in communicating with you Davide.But you wont find that offensive ???? Will you !!!!

Wonder what you are basing your comment on ?

I`m basing my comments on living (and sailing) in France with a group of people who are not only interested in communicating but go out of their way to help and then fools like you say quite openly "they aren`t interested in communicating". Perhaps you mean they`d rather us speak French (or Catalan). Now there`s a surprise !!!

You`ll then be wondering why French (or Catalan to be more precise; for area mentioned) dont welcome visitors...

What is your evidence for the comment ??? Have you ever sailed/ visited region ????

Go to area mentioned and sail at Leucate; Le Franqui; St Cyprien; Canet; Le Lydia; Gruisan and you will witness amongst best sailors in world and get nothing but support from them. !!! When you`ve been to are around Leucate t see if what you say is correct !!! I`m telling you now it wont be. !!!

The Defi is always oversubsrcibed; perhaps you`d rather see it filled with paying (foreign) visitors (who are welcome) than people who sail in region all year long !!! Of course they`d rather support local sailors. Thats how it should be but lots of foreigners do compete.

There`s good and bad in all races.
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