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Default powerbox fins safety

yesterday i lost my [one bolt] powerbox fin while sailing approx i.2kms from shore.

i had put new fin in previous day, tightened only with small screwdriver, i had packed finbox with some fincover material at bottom and side of box so fin was tight fitting. i then tightened securely with small screwdriver.

this is now 2nd one bolt[powerbox] fin i have lost. i have never lost a 2 bolt tuttle fin before.this is despite 95 percent of sailing done using this tuttle system. i have lost bolts from tuttle box on numerous occassions but never 2 simultanously.

for river/lake sailors this one bolt [powerbox] system is probably safe enough,for ocean sailors i would say absolutely no f..king way.

going to get my f2 board converted to tuttlebox after this experience.

lost all confidence in this one bolt [powerbox] system.

i bet there are a few others who dont trust the safety of this one bolt system after similiar bad experiences.
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