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Weight 80 kg height 180 cm.

I already ride a few times I sonic 125 in 11-13 kn wind and felt comfortable in terms of early planing with 7,2 m Np Hellcat.

I own a Futura 111 which is good in 16-25 knot range.

I would like to enjoy 3 bft conditions with a right board.As far as I understand the wider tail creates an advantage vs Futura for early planing.

I sonic 101 or below that volume is still to lively and not easy to control for me.But in higher volume as I mentioned above -125- was really not much different than Futura just a little bit rigid under your back feet - I guess because of the race finn - and attention during jibe.

I am about to conclude for an IS 122 or 133 but need an experts comment is this a right decision or not.
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