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Be sure that you have the sail rigged correctly (proper downhaul and outhaul). Variations from the recommended settings can make it more difficult to rotate the cams. Also if the battens are too tight, that can be a problem too. If the sail is rigged on a mast other than the recommended brand, this can also be a problem (mast diameters vary slightly).

I have found that "sticky" cams will rotate better with more wind. After a gybe or tack, you must snap/pull the boom in. With more wind, it adds more force against the sail, helping to push the cams around.

Popping cams on the beach works best with some wind, same as on the water.

I doubt that hanging on the boom and "bending the mast" helps.

There have been some sails manufactured that must have a "kick" or "punch" to rotate the cams even when everything is rigged as specified and on the correct mast. No solution here except to kick and punch.

One thing that can help if all else fails is a product called "Mclube Sailkote". Spray or rub it on your mast where the cams make contact with the mast. Avoid the area where you attach the boom. Do it before you insert the mast in the sail.

Hope this helps.
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