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Hi Guys

Thanks for taking the time to reply to my post.
The camber that is causing me the most grief is the 2nd from bottom on my 11m CR
R2 when I rig it exactly to spec.

I am using no spacers on any of the cams but have quite a bit of tension on the bottom two battens. Having said that it does not seem to me that the batten tension makes much difference to the pressure on the cam.If I put about 1.5 cm extra d'haul (over spec) then I get reasonably good rotation but I only like to use this setup when the wind is consistently over 15 kts.
In lighter winds I rig 'to spec' or at most 1cm over which does not really improve the rotation noticeably.

Roger, can you explain what you mean by the 'cams being under rotated' and 'the angle of the seam'?
Which seam are you talking about exactly?

Thanks again for your time.
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