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Red face

Thanks for info.
Must give it a try; going back for "winter" soon.
Reckon Tromantane(Summer months) tends to blow for 3 to 4 days. Gusty on first. Blows like mad 2nd and 3rd. Moderates for really nice sailing 4th.(Generally)
Having said that was down there March 08 and it blew solid for 3 weeks; averaging I`d guess 40 knots. !!! (Too much for me)
Down there last March and Marin blew often aswell (Nearly opposite direction to Trom) Marin tends to be steadier and puts up good swell all along coast.(Colliore upto Le Franqui)

Locals tell me if its southerly go south and if its northerly go north. Was sceptical at first but on a real iffy day(12 knots) at St Cyprien drove north to Leucate and it was a steady 30 knots. No idea why and suppose Gruisan could be even windier ????

The whole region has great sailing pretty much any time of year. Autumn and Spring seem to be most reliable and sailing down at Canet/ St Cyp/ Leucate with snow capped Canigou in background really is special.

Must get upto Gruisan next spring..
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