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Hi All - A bit of a delay, I have bought a Deb SL2 34 and an SL4 40, which I hope to share between my Is96 and 111, however when comparing the deb fins to the original drake fins, they are so similar (rake almost identical, profile pretty much the same, plan shape very similar, chord depth same, and if anything the drake fins are stiffer than the Debs - perhaps that's the advantage, having a bit of twist!?)
Although I haven't sailed with them yet (hopefull there'll be enough wind this afternoon!) I'm hoping they do feel significantly better, but just comparing them I'm worried that they won't be the improvement I'm after!
I'm also toying with the idea of changing my current Isonics to an 86, 101 and possibly 121 (or keep the 111 and just get an 86 & 101?) - for the sails I have which are NP:RS 5.8, 6.7, 7.8 & 9 - would they be a better match (I'm 80Kg) my only issue is that I often sail in an area with gusty offshore conditions and strong tides which means that occasionally the volume of the 96 is welcome when trying to get home!
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