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Question Confused

Join the club.

I am also confused.

Hereís the way I am looking at it rightly or wrongly.

Donít be too quick to ignore single fin boards. They come in all shapes sizes, rocker lines etc and they are continuing to improve from a well proven design base. So you may find that a different single fin board will actually allow you to get more turns on a wave. In fact just changing the fin size / shape on your existing board and moving the mast base position and foot straps may also significantly improve performance.

I spent nine weeks windsurfing in Tenerife this year and the dominate wave board there was a single fin. Now these guys can rip and their local PWA sailor was also using a single fin board. As my mate said you would pay to watch him sail because his wave sailing was unreal, all on a single fin wave board. The new PWA wave champion Josh Angulo also uses single fin boards.

Twin fins look cool and obviously people are having fun on them. Starboard dropping their twin fin after only a year caused me to think again. One is the second hand value of the board has dropped off a cliff and the other for them anyway is the future is Quads. I donít want to be left holding a twin fin that I canít sell in a year or two.

I believe Starboard were right to drop the twin fin and go quad because when I look at surfing I just see so many advantages with quad designs.

Tri fins are also an interesting design and dominate surfing but for some reason have not fired the imagination in windsurfing with the exception of Witchcraft whoís tri fin boards look really cool. RRD have also brought out a tri fin and they are usually pretty hot on design so that should be interesting.

For me its early days for Twin, Tri and Quad designs. I am concentrating on nutrition and fitness not very exciting but important in wave sailing. Naturally spending as much time on the water is the top priority. Also fine tuning my board and really getting to know it will I hope with the other points I have mentioned improve my sailing. Then maybe I can start thinking about a multi fin board.
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