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@ Willy: The venom works for me in the smaller sizes untill 36cm. For the larger boards the venoms are for me too soft and produce not enough lift. I tried the 38/40/42.

@MN: 94> sails size 7.0. Footstraps outside and all the way back. I tried many fins but for this board the tech. falcon + Goldwing 34 cm worked for me the best. Mastfoot all the boards @ recommended.
53> 6.2 + 7.0. Caspar Custom fins but the Production Elite fins are almost the same.
Under the IS SS's the falcons do not work for me. The caspars give confidence/enough lift/stiff fin with a little twist/flex. I like to push a fin to the limit and a falcon spins out because it's to soft for me. Caspars just don't spinout and are perfect for downwind speed.
I use for the Is SS 49: 23/25cm, 53: 27/29 cm, 58: 29/31 cm (in december).



P.s. I'am still testing and waiting for any input and wind on the 101/111.

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