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I read one ot the threades in that forum if you consider to have e.g. IS 122 for light wind it is almost the equivalent of F 133 for the purpose as a result of the volume distribution and width difference of the two types.
Is this correct?

If so I have to decide between Is 122 and F 133 for the same purpose.Why consider Futura answer is my jibing skill level.I am comfortable in both IS and F during course riding but jibing exit is better with Futura while i am getting almost to a stop before completing a gybe with I sonic.I guess it is a combination of the race board charcteristic and the riders levele of experience.

I am gybıng 9 0ut of 10 attempts but as mentioned above the exits are poor with I sonic.
Looks like I need one more season with free race boards to improve.
That is my assumption am I right o r should I push hrder in I sonic to improve jibe exits.
At the same time I want enjoy the max speed between jıbe attempts.That made me think using Futura with race fins to serve both purposes.
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