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1. Yes, the assumption that the iS 122 and F 133 are equivalent in many ways seems appropriate, but I haven't sailed a futura so I am making a calculated guess.

2. I am guessing that the futura has more volume in the tail of the board which helps keep you on plane further through the jibe than the iS. Someone with more knowledge than me will have to confirm this.

3. For me, the iS 111 must be at top speed to make a good planing jibe. I have a HiFly Move 105, narrow tail, but with more volume in the tail than the iS, and it is easier to make a planing jibe than the iS.

4. While my iS feel faster than the HiFly, GPS reading confirm that they both are pretty equal in top speeds. The HiFly also has a more comfortable ride in chop. The iS 122 will probably be a little faster than the Futura 133, just because of the volume differences, but the futura will give you a more comfortable ride. In my opinion, it takes an expert sailor to take full advantage of an iS board. While I have many years of experience, I don't think I have mastered my iS yet.

I guess your decision comes down to the challenge of mastering the iS 122 or to go for ease and comfort of the F 133.
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