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Default Question: Which ISonic fit better, IS 101 or IS 111

Hello surfers!

At the moment i own an IS 122 (2009) and a Futura 111. I sail these boards with Code red (8,1 and 7,0) and Gator 6,0 (only for the F 111). Last weekend I sailed my IS 122 with the code red 7,0 at about 18-25 knt. Partially it wasnīt easy to control the IS 122 (i used the R 13 40 cm). I want to replace the F 111 by a smaller ISonic (2009), IS 101 or IS 111. My weight is 94 kg.
I donīt plan to buy a smaller slalom sail than the Code red 7,0.It happens that I sail in gusty conditions.
Which ISonic would you suggest.

Thanks a lot

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