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Default footstrap problems on smaller board

So will the Jp 84 or the Fanatic work for me as my go to board with my 5.2 and my 4.6?? It sounds like you two sail those boards down to the 4 meter range. If I could do that too, I could use an 85 FSW for 75 of my sailing. Cool.
My RRD 94 becomes a bit large with a 4.6, so When I try to travel with it, from say the Event site to Wells island it becomes a bit much by the time I get to the bridge. The Open Ocean is a bit sinky in any type of gusty conditions so I end up trying to slog up to the bridge and back.
I am thinking that a 85 litre FSW would be about perfect.
I have been demoing boards this summer but I have been looking at small boards and just recently have thought that maybe that is the wrong tactic.

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