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How much do you weigh?
I've sailed the Gorge a bit, on boards down to 90 liters and I weigh 170-180 lbs.
Since the Gorge is almost always gusty and the wind varies quite a bit from one side of the river to the other, it would seem that having a couple of boards, one around 85-90
liters and another smaller board for 4.6 and down would be a better quiver than a 94 liter RRd and a much smaller Open Ocean,
On the other hand, I've sailed the Gorge alot on bigger boards and much bigger sails, so having only < 100 liter boards and 5.2 as your largest sail would limit the number of days you can sail significantly.
Again all of this depends alot on how much you weigh, and whether or not you enjoy sailing in < 18 knots of wind.
Hope this helps,
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