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Originally Posted by Floyd View Post
With kite having broken 50knots And Sebastien Cattelan claiming 53.37 k with 61.7 Vmax


Along with Hydroptere now holding record (ratified) at 51.36 with crew claiming 61 knot peaks. ( was wondering what windsurfers were doing about it ??? Anybody getting near 60knots ???

I know my speeds havent gone up at all in 4 years ??? Anything in pipeline Starboard ???
Not much to do: the Kites can sail in absurdly shallow water, while the sailboats have oustanding efficiency compared to both Kites and windsurfers. Which leaves windsurf dead on the water until it can either sail in 2" of water or develop some new revolutionary rig+board that will probably will not look like a windsurfer at all.

By the way: my personal take is that now that sailboats are going 50 knots in open ocean it is pointless to compare with windsurf or kites that sail in canals or ultra-shallow venues. Sailboats seem to be doing the real sailing, while the rest is confined to very artificial conditions.
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