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Default Fin on HWR-Formula?

I/m thinking about buying the new HWR.
On my 160 I used the Drake R13, but the new boards come without a fin.

This brings me to the question what fin to use. Not only the brand, but I also have to make decisions about the rake and stifness.

I'm 100 kilo and will use the board with 3-4 Bft. (gusts 5 Bft.) and a Gaastra Vapor 11m2 2007 (4-5 Bft.) and 12m2 2008 (3-4 Bft.).

Can anyone advise me what fin would be a good one?

Early planing with 3 Bft. is one of the key issues and I'm want to sail local races.

Or are 2 fins a better option than one?

I would like to prefent testing (and buying!) several fins, so any smart advise from you guys (who tested the board) would be great!

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