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Hi Papounet
Yes I agree those speeds are damned impressive and even more so in conditions encountered but they aren`t the record. Point to remember with Hydroptere is that it easily doubles wind speed; believe on record day it was gusting to 32 knots ;windy but by no means howling . (especially for that region) Its the efficiency of Hydroptere which is trully astounding;resultant of foiling ???

Hydroptere (reputedly) has topped out at 60 knots +; they are now working towards breaking 100km/h barrier. Not sure wether craft you mentioned are foilers but I doubt it.(Dont think the long voyage tri`s are)
Hydroprere(the one built for 500 m and 1000m records) definitely is. Wonder if way forward for us is foiling ??? Wonder what a windsurfer could do if we could emulate this efficiency in ???

Do you really want to make a cup of tea whilst trying to break record ????
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