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“For every record attempt on a WSSRC approved course, there must be a minimum depth of water, which is defined as follows.
At the time of the run in question, the shallowest part of the course must be covered by water with a depth of at least half the static immersed beam of the craft involved, or 10cm, whichever is the greater. (Guidance note) T

I don’t now how they will define the depth requirement for kite since I don’t think that kite board floats, at least not with kiteboarder on it.
Yep, At Lüderitz water depth is "10 cm" although the runs are so close to shore that probably water gets even shallower. The rule was a compromise from last year, and frankly I find it a bit absurd. 10 cm is ankle depth and to call "sailing" sailing in conditions in which you cannot even swim is kind of funny. Too bad that such a rule is in the books, I personally would have been much more stringent, and use maybe the world average height for men or women (1.6-1.8 meters) as a minimal depth.

Sailboats are now in even deeper water and it is a gigantic breakthrough.

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