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I sort of agree with you but water condition is obviously relative to craft size. The water condition for last record (With Hydroptere) was (for Hydroptere)almost flat.Plus bigger craft can use deeper foils to get out of the "rough" part of the sea and consequently is sailing on perfectly flat water.(Its hulls are not in the water from 20knots) (Another benefit of foils) Problem arises when foil comes close enough to surface to aerate; which is problem with smaller foiling craft craft. We dont disqualify Hydroptere for finding flat water (under surface) ???!!! The the cost of doing so is prohibitive for 99.999% of sailors. Dont get me wrong Hydroptere is fantastic and well deserves its record and I would love to sail on it.But (IMHO) it should be a free for all with no rules. If you can sail/kite 500m on water at 55knots you should take the record.Kite board;windsurfer or foiler !!!
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