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I too think the iS 101 would best fit your needs, but it will be a SINKER for your 94kg. It isn't going to float you! Some guys can uphaul with the water at their knees, and others have trouble with the surface of the board above the water.

For me at 78 kg, I find that 105 L is the point where it is still relatively easy to uphaul with the board surface dry. Below 100 L, the board is beginning to go underwater.

It's a skill that takes practice, but it can be really frustrating when you are stuck 100 meters from shore and can't water start and you must uphaul a sinker and slog to shore.

How often do you have 18 + knot winds where the 101 would be the board of choice?

I have a iS 111 and if the wind is 18 - 25 knots, I am on a smaller board. I use the 111 in the 12 to 18 knot range.
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