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Default ISONIC94/2010 vs. ISONIC94/2009

Hi dear Starbord Team,
Iīve already posted this topic in "Kevinīs Corner" 10 dayīs ago. Since he didīnt answer up to now I would like to get your valuation:

I have an ISONIC94/2009 and have the following questions:
The new ISONIC 94 is a really new board: "The iSonic 94 is an all new shape designed as a smaller version of the 101".
What could I expect from the new ISONIC 94 with regard to performance, control and easy jibing (compared to the old modell).
My general concern regarding the 2010 Isonic modells is: Is it possible to improve the performance (More lift + less drag = more speed) without loosing control?

Thank you for your information in advance.

Kind regards
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