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Question Grumpy old men

15 year old Philip Koster won this years Pozo PWA wave competition.

18 year old Sarah-Quita Offringa was crowned yet again PWA freestyle champion.

An 8 year old was always out this summer windsurfing in all wind strengths every time I was out. Another of his friends who was also windsurfing had reached the grand old age of 12. Then there was the local posse who ripped in the waves and into freestyle whose average age was about 16. The point here is that it was the summer when the kids were off school. Other than that they tend to be limited to the weekends.

Freestyle and wave sailing has progressed out of all recognition over the last few years. The top moves of even five years ago would not get you through the first round of a competition now.

To-days kit is lighter, faster, more maneuverable and most importantly more fun. In freestyle one board around 100 litres will meet most requirements. In waves two boards will suffice.

Time on the water, working on fitness and intelligent selection of kit that you know inside out and tuned to perfection will always pay dividends. There is no need for a mountain of gear.
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