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Exclamation iSonic 131 weight?

Remi and the guys ...

I have just ordered the new iS 131 WoodCarbon 2010, so what weight should I expect?

Also, I'm somewhat confused as when talking about weights of the new WoodCarbons compared to Woodies, what seems to be a hot topic, there are official weights on the Starboard's web site, but different ones on the ISAF's Registered Speed/Slalom Boards (Complete List) ... Does it mean that the weights registered with ISAF are for WoodCarbons? (Current explanation we constantly hear on why there are no weights for WoodCarbons on the Starboard's web is that not enough boards have be produced to calculate the average weight, but how was then possible to register boards with ISAF ???)

For example, the quoted weight for iS 121 2010 on the Starboard web for Wood is 7.15kg while on the ISAF's List only 6.77kg (which is exactly the difference that we should expect in favour of the Wood Carbons) and this is the same for all the boards - except the 131, for which I assume there is mistake in the ISAF's List as the quoted weight is 6.65kg (so lighter than 121!!!), maybe it should be 6.95kg (?) ... so guys at Starboard, please take a look at the ISAF's List and correct the data if necessary !

Marko CRO169
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