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Issue # 1: its so d much equipment. Kids cant go out by them self, they need to be driven.
Issue # 2: its too expensive. A family with two kids and some boards and sails will use 10 000 $ in a swish
Issue # 3: Magazines, marketing and so on are focused on high wind; the majority freerider is ignored. When was the last time you saw a test of longboards, beginner boards and boards for intermediates.
Issue # 4: The sport is too technical and the intermediate struggles to find descent answer on witch fin or what sail to use, just look at this forum.
Issue # 5: All sports have the same problems people get married and have kids. If you are lucky and live near the lake or ocean then you could get some TOW in the next 10 15 years on your old quiver, you dont have money to buy new ones.

So my conclusion is:
If you are lucky and have parents driving you to the shore, you might get 10 GREAT YEARS with offshore high wind surf before you have kids.

The next 10 15 years of boredom might tear on the windsurfer hart, but you could get the kids into the sport and maybe the better half would follow. IF you convince the family, you could have 10 -15 GREAT YEARS of cruising and some occasional high wind sessions.

When the kids find girl-/boy-friends your home safe! You have a blistering 30 GREAT YEARS ahead of you so grab the gear, by that new stuff, build a bigger garage, buy that surfmobile, plan your next surf vacation and enjoy!

If you sum this up you could get all into windsurfing and they would use 50 GREAT YEARS more or less on surfing. For the manufactures this is good; at least 20 boards, 30 sails, 20 booms, 10 masts and lots of other cool stuff per person.

I have a lot to do yet with a lousy track record of 7 boards, 9 sails, 4 booms, 5 masts. Think of all the cool stuff Im going to get, and all the moaning from the better half, even if I start to have grey tints in the hair.

I love this f sport - and I still have big grinds on my face after an ice-cold half good session!
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