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So I moved back home after years away and noticed that the same guys that i knew 10-15 years ago are virtually the only guys left windsurfing! What gives? They confirmed that no new people have taken it up and that's fine with them.
It depends where you are. In Europe windsurfing is still much stronger than here in the USA, and all generations are quite represented, and I suspect this is also true in the big windsurfing locations in the USA. In San Francisco. where I live, there is a whole new quite large 20- to 30-something group of sailors that concentrate mostly on freestyle and do things that I thought could not be done on a board. In addition in places like Crissy you see pretty much the whole spectrum of ages from 12 years old (in the morning hours) to seventy plus.

There is also quite a lot of competition with Kite-surfing, but here too Kite might be peaking in terms of "recruitment" and "give" back some sailors to windsurf: the novelty factor will wear off and people will also little realize how dangerous (deadly!) Kite is in respect to windsurf.

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