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Default RE: How to avoid "spin outs"?

>>>>Also remember, (esp. on your smaller boards and fins) that if you are feeling alot of pull with your back hand, that force needs to go somewhere, and usually it travel from that back hand, down the arm to your shoulder, through the torso, and down your leg to the foot in the footstrap.
So you may want to change your mast foot postion, harness line length, boom height, and trim and tuning of your sail to get that pressure off the back hand and hence off the fin.<<<<<

Hi Roger,
Good point re: recovering from spinout by pulling the tail of the board with the rear foot. Also, I like the description of the spray above as a means to tell when the board is correctly angled to ride the fin. I&#39;ll be printing that part and putting it in my &#39;windsurfing binder&#39;. I did the same with your recent detailed description of how to pump onto a plane.

Re: the quote above, might I ask you to comment on how to eliminate the "pull on the back hand" by changing the variables that you mentioned there. The reason I ask is that when faced with that situation (back hand pressure) I just assumed that my harness lines weren&#39;t set right, and moved the lines back a little on the boom.

I&#39;m looking forward to your comments, thanks for your time and insights.

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