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Five months ago I uploaded video about formula windsurfing to YouTube, there were more than 2000 views. But I was surprised by Statistics & Data, video was most popular with male 45 - 54, 60% of viewers were around 50 years old, the rest was not much younger. Than I checked other videos about windsurfing on YouTube and it was more or less the same with all of them.
On windsurf spots I usually see windsurfers well over 40years old, 10 % are students 20 to 25 years old, they do mostly freestyle, but most of them stops windsurfing when they get job and family. Kids are windsurfing only if father is windsurfer and he is rich enough.
To judge how old are average windsurfers based on age of few competitors, makes no sense since they represent only few percent of all windsurfers. But even if we do so, we can see that average age of competitors in PWA rankings is around 30, for example average age of top 3 slalom sailors is 37 years.

So more than obvious fact is, average windsurfer is getting older.


Main reason, of course, are high prices of windsurf gear, full price for windsurf board in Europe is from 1000 to 2000 EURO (1500 Ė 4000 U.S. dollar) or even higher, while production costs for one windsurf board are probably around few hundred EURO. So Iím sure that producers of windsurf gear donít hate to be in windsurf business.
Main reason why they can sell for such high prices is that most windsurfers are old enough to have enough spare money to pay. And so prices are getting higher and higher and windsurfers are getting older and older.
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