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111 way too close to iS122 (as all the others have said) and it would be a mistake imho.
Forget about uphauling/slogging/wind shadows, there is no med-to-high wind board that will give you comfortable uphauling when it drops to nothing. Pick your sailing days more carefully (when it's really steady) and come back before the wind dies completely. Too many people (including myself several years ago) want a board that will have excellent control in 25 knots, yet bring them home in 3 knots.

iS101 will slog you fine for that 400m in force 3 (hard to predict in knots exactly) as long as you move. Don't buy a board for it's slogging/uphauling "performance".

Edit: I wanted to add that I have a 95 kg buddy who use iS94 in strong but gusty winds, wind shadows etc. No problem once you get used to your new toy.

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