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Thumbs up FORMULA EXPERIENCE (a question to REMY)

This is my first season with FE so I'm using the overdrive 2009 10mts (I think next year I will go to 11 meters), my weight is 85kgs and 1,84 high, 53 years in good physical shape.

Please excuse the excessive amount of questions but I'm anxious to sail better my new FE.

Mast foot: best position in light wind (how many cms. behind center).

>15knots, freshwater chopy condition (waves against you. 50/80cms high), the upwind sailing for me, became very hard and jumpy. Questions:

-How far in front of the center of track go mast base in hard wind/chop sailing in the FE.
-In this case is good to sail at maximun outhaul?
-Is good in the Overdrive 10, use 2 cms more in downhaul base?
-Tilting the board to leeward help in this case or maybe you increase the risk to lift off?
-In any point of sails is good to tilt the board to leeward (heavy or light wind)?

Can you tell me any aditional tip to sail in rough conditions?

Thanks you very much
Best regards
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