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Last Friday it was really cold , winds about 10-15 knots and i was not feeling well. As I was pulling my W/S gear outta the van, a small car like a Toyota pulled up with a few young fellas , perhaps about to smoke an illegal substance or have a snifter . In any case the driver asked, " Ce n'est pas trop fraite?" which translated means isn't it a bit f'ing cold ? Explained to him that in fact it was a day for the "crazies" and sickos :-) He replied, "Non, c'est COOL." which is international :-)

There were two other W/S'ers on the water, man and his other and she was in a dry suit.

Later about 5 kiters showed up and they were in the 30 to 55 range. Many of them put 2 to 3 layers and had 16 sq meter kites = crazies n sickos ...

Moral of the story - the young would probably do W/Sing - they think it is cool. It is after all very fast, can do tricks and flashy equipment. It is not so far from snowboarding or skateboarding for that matter.

Here what is missing is W/S schools, access points and just plain trial equipment. Even I had to put out over $1200 for stuff I had never tried...

Was actually thinking about starting a weekend school, but someone in a near town never replied as to how it was workin out for him. The other fellow is spending the winter in Hawaii and goin' on a world tour. Musta worked out for him :-)

Interesting thread, but my management question is:
What can we do to ensure this does NOT happen again
ie how do we get the local kids n teens back on the water
and non, i am NOT a manager :-)

happy windsurfing n boardsailing you old farts :-)
when i die , i'll be on my board gettin run down by some motorized maniac, who will be 20 years my senior {and i am 50 } :-)

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