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Places where you have always same winds and windsurfing conditions and therefore you can use only one board and one sail are probably rare. Actually I donít believe that such place exist, it would be a windsurfing haven. Sometimes one day of windsurfing in perfect conditions can be worth more than many days of windsurfing in only good enough conditions. To miss such day because you didnít have right gear is every windsurferís nightmare.

In any case, I think prices for windsurf gear are much to high considering production cost, and of course much to high to attract many new people to this sport.

Of course some young people do start windsurfing, nobody can deny that, perhaps not so many we would like and some of them quit after a while. But if we compare this to other sports we can se that masses of young people start participating in those sports and after a while almost all of them quit. Statistically average participants in such sports are very young.

Perhaps statistically average windsurfer is getting older, not because young people donít start but because older people donít want to quit.

If this is the case than addiction factor of windsurfing is much higher than with other sports. If we consider high price, no wind frustration, travel limitations, job, family and many other limitations and deterrents from windsurfing and people over 45 still donít want to quit, than there is no doubt about it, we are addicted.
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