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Default S-type 115 or 104

Recently i've bought the isonic 125 wood. And I love it, especially with RS 8m+!
Now i'm orientating for an s-type. I've tested the 2007 104 wood from a starboard crew member here in Holland- fantastic, speed and control! I ve also tested the 115 dram last year, also a great board but less loose on the water.

I want to buy the right size S-type. Is the gap between the 125 isonic and an 104 s-type too big? The s-type 115 can carry bigger sails, for instance a 7.2-7.5, the 104 can carry up to 6.5 (according to this website). And by the time I pick my V8 7.2 it's really choppy at my surfspot, so the 115 should be a good alternative for the isonic 125 in those circumstances... the 104 could be too small to fit in at that time.

Is the s-type 115 too close to the isonic 125?

tnx already for your replies!

(me: 1.90m, 90 kg's)
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