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walter 1212
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The reasons why I want to exchange the F111 for a Isonic: More speed, better upwind characteristics, perhaps more control. Last weekend I had the chance to test an Isonic 111 combined with a Severne Gator 6,0. My findings are: Isonic 111 fells bigger than Futura 111 and couldnīt be controlled like the Futura 111 -Gator (6,0) combination. Thatīs why I forget to buy an ISonic 111.
I aks you if the combination ISonic 101 with Gator 6,0 is better. Or in other words: The ISonic works only well in combination with Code Red. I intend to combine the ISonic both with the Code Red 7,0 (estimate 70%) and with the Gator 6,0 (estimate 30%).

I ask you to give me advises.

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