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If you use one board 80% of the time, you still have to use second board for 20% of the time, so you still have to own two boards. But even if you own only one board, my point is:

Prices for windsurf gear are blown out of proportions.

The fact that windsurfers are addicted to sport and therefore older windsurfers donít want to quit is positive. It means there is something special about this sport and this is reason why windsurfing will survive.

If you want to show picture of windsurf slalom champion in magazine you have to show picture of Antoine Albeau and he is 37 years old. Perhaps young windsurfers shown in magazines are not so young you would think. For windsurfing you need physical fitness and agility, this is usually associated with youth, therefore when we are watching windsurfers, we automatically assume they are young.
Perhaps we are so surprised that average windsurfer is older than we think, just because windsurfers generally look younger than they really are, if thatís comfort for anybody.
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