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Hello All,

I think we are mostly older guys...

Me 41 years, 100 kg, married with 5 childs ( from 19 to 4 years). My ws equipment is as simple as 1 Formula Board ( F161) + 1 boom + 1 mast + a extendo and 2 sails ( 10 + 11)+ 2 fins. Wind covered from 8 to 20+ knots.... ( 96% of time in my local spot).

I find this is the better replacement for my old sailboard ( a Browning with a 6,3 with 3 little batens and that boom that moves up and down on the mast).

Any of Us can be critic with the WS company's and with WS in general, but if you has the time and the posibility, just get a old WS and rig the dacron camless sail with this boom (just try to put this boom on the alu mast) and you will get the answer to why we never surrender. Ws was so difficult and now we find it easy, with the wide boards you can be WS in hours. Even you can plane in the first lesson ( Tandem in a Gemini).

The problem I think is the new generations they need the instant gratification, and WS is not a easy sport to learn.

For sure we are addicted.

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