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Originally Posted by walter 1212 View Post
How does the Futura 111 work with the Code red 7,0. Any ideas? I want to know, which combination (F 111 or IS 101) will be better for me, if I also use Gator 6,0 in 30 % of the cases.

Hi Walter, you might be wasting your money going from a Futura 111 to either Is-111 or 101 in search of more performance. Unless you sail very powered up you might not see any measurable gain. If I were you I would keep the Futura 111, buy a better fin (if you are still using the stock this might give you better performance), and maybe invest in a smaller board that would work better with the 6.0 (a Futura 93 or Isonic 94). If you insist on selling the Futura 111, the Is-101 would be better for 6.0-7.0.

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