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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
from the CA website:
They require a different sailing style and thus different fins than the current "norm"

then 12 paragraphs later...

Generally both boards went best with the Kashy XS 70

WTF- I swear NP wrote this marketing brief!
Man, Kashy XS is a very good fin that works for almost all formula boards...usually comes as best in test. So this would mean, that the CA formula might not work with your standard formula fin (as for 95% formula riders Kashy is something out of reality).

This translates to that CA Formula needs a certain type of fin...apparently not usual as VMG is to develop a fin specially designed for CA Formula.

Read the forum carefully on CA webpage or ask directly the team...

Enjoy your sailing (yesterday was great day ).

Ciao Michal.
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