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Default Phantom 320 2010 - reality or not ?

French importer apparently said that Phantom 320 2010 would in fact never be produced ? Can you confirm, or I hope so, deny this ?

This board was the accessible and performing board well thought compromise I had dreamt of, to rediscover the pleasure of sailing in light or medium winds, in lakes near Paris. For this so far I have a Bic Jungle, which is surprisingly pleasant in light winds, also great as a kayak, but not performing enough at the top end of its wind range.

Such compromise is much better than traditional raceboards, too long to be pleasant when wind goes up. I am convinced that if you had the good idea to make your design, certainly the best around, available to other windsurf companies, so you can create together a windsurf class, accessible and performing, able to be of interest for windsurfers from beginners to experienced, you would all benefit from this, and have the critical mass to make a large success out of it.

With this approach you can make windsurf a large audience sport again. Try this, ppplllzzz (and build this board, I want it too badly, as a complement of my two Futura 122 and 93, my iSonic 76 and my Kode 80). To be able to wait, I bought a Phantom 320 2009 which I will receive Saturday (yep). That makes 5 Starboards, enough I hope for you to consider my suggestion.

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