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Default Fixing A Hollow Board

While sailing my board, I noticed that there was a 'soft' spot on the deck just in front of the forward right footstrap. My board is from 2005 and has been lying outside for possibly several years. When I opened the pressure valve a lot of pressure was released from the board, however, the soft spot still has not gone away.

Is it possible that lying in the sun the gas inside the board expanded enough to unglue the outter layer from the polystyrene inside?

I also noticed that the board has a ding repair, but I don't think the soft spot has anything to do with it.

I've heard about spray foams which expand quite powerfully. If I can get my hands on some I'm contemplating drilling a small hole in the center of the soft spot, inserting some explanding foam, and then sealing it with a regular repair kit.

Any advice for this sort of problem/using expanding foam?

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